Organic Natural Clove Tea Dried Wild Cloves Leaves Eugenol Chinese Herbal Tea


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Type: Herbal Tea
Origin: China
Packaging: Bag
Description: Cloves are one of the spices indigenous to Asian countries like Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and even areas of East Africa. It is native to the Maluku islands in Indonesia. A prized herb of ancient times, cloves still have practical and important uses in modern times. Clove oil is renowned for its healing and analgesic properties and is currently used in dental offices to help create a temporary filling. With the fragrant active ingredient eugenol, clove tea has many applications from hand wash to bowel preparation.
Certain bioactive compounds have been isolated from clove extracts. Some of them include flavonoids, hexane, methylene chloride, ethanol, thymol, eugenol, and benzene. These biochemicals have been reported to possess various properties, including antioxidant, hepatoprotective, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Health benefits of clove tea include:
Better Digestion
Cloves improve digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes. Cloves are also good for reducing flatulence, gastric irritability, dyspepsia, and nausea. They can be roasted, powdered, or taken with honey for relief in digestive disorders.
Antibacterial Properties
Cloves have been tested for their antibacterial properties against a number of human pathogens. The extracts of cloves were potent enough to kill those pathogens. Clove extracts are also effective against the specific bacteria that spread cholera.
Liver Protection
Cloves contain high amounts of antioxidants, which are ideal for protecting the organs from the effects of free radicals, especially the liver. Metabolism, in the long run, increases free radical production and lipid profile, while decreasing the antioxidants in the liver. Clove extracts are helpful in counteracting these effects with its hepatoprotective properties.
Diabetes Control
Cloves have been used in many traditional remedies for a number of diseases. One such disease is diabetes. In patients suffering from diabetes, the amount of insulin produced by the body is either insufficient, or it is not produced at all. Studies have revealed that extracts from cloves imitate insulin in certain ways and help in controlling blood sugar levels.
Bone Preservation
The hydro-alcoholic extracts of clove tea include phenolic compounds such as eugenol and its derivatives, such as flavones, isoflavones, and flavonoids. These extracts have been particularly helpful in preserving bone density and the mineral content of bone, as well as increasing tensile strength of bones in case of osteoporosis.
Anti-mutagenic Properties
Mutagens are those chemicals that change the genetic makeup of the DNA by causing mutations. Biochemical compounds found in cloves, like phenylpropanoids, possess anti-mutagenic properties. These were administered to cells treated with mutagens and they were able to control the mutagenic effects to a significant rate.
Boosts the Immune System
Ayurveda describes certain plants to be effective in developing and protecting the immune system. One such plant is clove. The dried leaves of clove contains compounds that help in improving the immune system by increasing the white blood cell count, thereby, improving delayed-type hypersensitivity.
Anti-inflammatory Properties
Clove leaves possess anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties. The presence of eugenol reduced the inflammation caused by edema. It was also confirmed that eugenol has the ability to reduce pain by stimulating pain receptors.
Cure for Oral Diseases
Clove leaves can be taken for gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. Clove leaves extracts significantly control the growth of oral pathogens, which are responsible for various oral diseases. Cloves can also be used for toothaches due to their pain-killing properties.
Cure for Headaches
Headaches can be reduced by using cloves. Make a paste of a few clove leaves and mix it with a dash of rock salt. Add this to a glass of milk. This mixture reduces headaches quickly and effectively. 
How to use: 
Tea infusion
When you feel bored of having classic tea, you can surely try clove tea. Not only for the change in taste, but also for its immense health benefits. From refreshing your mind to helping you to get rid of cold and cough, clove tea works like a miracle. Use one spoon tea per 200ml of water. Heat water to 90-95â_?and steep for 1-3 minutes. You can use brewed stevia leaf tea, or use a few drops of liquid stevia extract to sweeten a cup of straight tea.
Cold clove tea can be used to sanitize hands. Simply pouring the liquid over your hands and applying friction will cleanse the skin and leave a pleasant smell. People with acne use clove tea as a facial wash to diminish further breakouts and follow with the application of clove oil. Some choose to use cold clove tea as a non-toxic hard surface cleaner in the home. It is ideal for kitchen counter tops and food preparation areas.
Due to its analgesic effects, clove tea compresses are an excellent way to relieve pain from any muscle, joint or ligament injury. It should be applied to unbroken skin. If there is a lot of swelling noted with the injury, then ice-cold tea compresses should be used. Warm tea works better with arthritic pain. An effective method is to apply the compress for 20 minutes, 2 to 3 times daily. Clove tea compresses can also be used for fungal infections of the skin, such as ringworm or athlete's foot. Directions are the same as with the analgesic use. Tea temperature should be tepid for this application.


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