Premium Pre Ming Bao Hong Yunnan Dragon Well High Mountain Green Tea


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Baohong tea belongs to a kind of green tea. It is native to Baohong Temple, 5 kilometers northwest of Yiliang County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. Baohong Temple, also known as Xiangguo Temple, was built in the Tang Dynasty. It was established by Xuanxing monk from Fujian. Monk Xuanxing introduced small-leaf tea for planting in Baohong Temple, and it has been more than a thousand years. It is the only small-leaf tea in Yunnan. According to the records of the "Chinese Tea Classic", the tribute history of Baohong Tea began in the thirty-six years of Jiajing (1557) in the Ming Dynasty (1557). After the tribute of Wuyi Tea, it ended in the tribute tea system during Xianfeng (1851-1861). After the two dynasties, the longest time in Gongcha in Chinese history.

Baohong Mountain is 1000 meters above sea level, with an annual average temperature of 16°C and average annual precipitation between 1200-1400 mm. Baohong tea is finely picked and has three characteristics: early mining, short picking period and tender picking. It is mined in early spring every year and ends five to ten days before the Qingming Festival. The picking standard is one bud and one leaf and one bud and two leaves. The fresh leaves of Bao Hong tea are made by killing green, twisting, and frying.

Bao Hong tea has flat thin small leaves, the toasty chestnut flavor makes you associate with Dragon Well tea from Zhejiang. The dry leaves are a mix of green, brown and white with a slight hay scent. Bao Hong makes a pale yellow liquor. The infusion exhibits green and flowery notes with an enduring finish. In the cup, this tea is fresh and delicious, light, airy, and rich. The flavor is soft, crisp, chestnut-like, and smooth. These hand-picked leaves are reputedly full of rejuvenating antioxidants. A lovely combination of flavor and aroma that satisfies and soothes at the same time. Sit back and allow the subtly sweet, grassy green liquor to gently refresh and revive you.

Brewing Guide: 1 spoon of tea brewed with 300ml water at a temperature of 75° - 80 °C and leave to infuse for 1 to 3 minutes. To get the best out of this leaf, keep an eye on your brewing temperature - if you brew it with cooler water you'll notice how wildly different green tea can taste.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review