Shi Feng Lion Peak Brand Spring Harvest Long Jing Dragon Well Green Tea 250g


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Type: Green Tea
Net Weight: 250g
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: The demand of Long Jing kept increasing and the production of this tea has spread out to many other places besides Hangzhou. Nowadays, Long Jing is found not only in most of province in China, the tea gardens in Taiwan and even India are producing Long Jing tea as well. Under the circumstances, the authentic Long Jing that produced in historically famous area is named after the production area. The most famous Long Jing in commercial tea market is generally named as Xi Hu Long Jing. It is produced at the tea garden situated nearby the West Lake (Xi Hu) in Hangzhou. Among Xi Hu Long Jing, the most famous Long Jing is called Shi Feng Long Jing. It has gained its fame and recognition among tea connoisseurs because of its superb quality. This is the tea that we are introducing.

In English, Xi Hu means West Lake. This is a renowned production place for quality Long Jing. Other than Xi Hu, the most famous production area is Shi Feng. Today, Xi Hu Long Jing is categorized into 5 different groups: namely Shi (Shi Feng), Long (Long Jing), Yun (Yun-qi area), Hu (Hu-pao area), Mei (Mei Jia Wu), and Long Jing from other places is called Zhejiang Long Jing. Among them, Shi Feng is the best. The tea growing area is surrounded with fog throughout the year. Shi Feng is located in Long Jing village. This place has a very long history in producing Long Jing, and there is the original tea tree that was the tribute tea for the emperor of China. Shi Feng Long Jing has a rich and complex flavor that changes as you drink. This singular tea experience is created by a combination of traditional growing practice, picking standard, and processing methods.

This picking standard is one bud to two tender leaves. Compared to our Da Fo Long Jing, Shi Feng has a deeper, nuttier flavor and a more complex aftertaste. Owing to its traditional processing, the tea's aroma is not grassy — it is an uncommon combination of gentle floral notes over a smack of toasted soybean character.

Shi Feng Long Jing is the most famous green tea in China but few have tasted the original, which grows on Shi Feng Shan in Hangzhou City around the beautiful scenic West Lake. Shi Feng Mountain is the original, most prized center of Long Jing tea production around this area.

We are privileged to offer Shi Feng Long Jing directly from famous Long Jing tea manufacturer, Zhejiang Tea Group Co., Ltd. The brand was founded in 1950. This authentic tea comes with its original packaging and 'Shi Feng' trade mark. The tea color is very clear and lightly green. When the tea is brewed, you can see the picking standard and not much tea dust or broken leaves. We hope that you will enjoy the full-bodied flavor of this remarkable tea. Appreciate the light yellow green tea color and unique fresh fragrance that gently develops over many infusions. A truly remarkable tea!

Brewing Guide: Prepare 3 g of tea leaves for 150ml of water. Place the tea leaves into a warmed glass. Let the boiled water to cool down to 75-80 degree C. Brew for 2 minutes and serve.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review