Shi Ru Rock Milk Wuyi Mountain Rock Tea Yancha Oolong


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Shi Ru, also translated as milk rock tea, fragrant stalactite, rock frankincense, or fragrant rock milk, is a kind of Wuyi oolong tea harvested from the tea plants growing in the Wuyi Mountains, Fujian Province, China. It is said that the tea got the name as it has the fragrance of minerals and rocks from the Wuyi mountain cliffs. Shi Ru has an impressive name, the essence of the stone, and can be said to be one of the classic representatives of rock tea. As early as the Yuan Dynasty, it was already famous. It was designated as a tribute tea in the Song Dynasty. In order to ensure the quality of tribute tea, in the Yuan Dynasty, an imperial tea garden was established in Jiuquxi, Wuyi Mountain, to plant Shi Ru for tribute. Today, at the entrance of Jiulong Nest, there are still cliff stone carvings of "Rock milk lingering fragrance".

Shi Ru is a classic Wuyi black oolong. It has a long twisted dark brown dry leaf and is very fragrant with a fruity taste. This tea is not commonly grown as compared with other bush varietals in the Wuyi mountain region. This tea is from the core producing area of Wuyi, within the world heritage site of Wuyi Mountain, which the locals call it Zheng Yan. Tea from this area has the distinctive signature rock oolong taste.

The brewed tea has a sweet, creamy and mossy fragrance with a lively and wonderfully rocky taste. The flavor is delicate with notes of fruits, herbs and wood.

Brewing Guide: Place 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea in a gaiwan or teacup. Heat water to between 95 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit and pour into the gaiwan. Steep for 1 minute. When steeping is done, strain the tea and enjoy!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review