Sun Yi Shun Liu An Hei Cha Brick Black Tea 400g

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Type: Black Tea
Origin: China
Description: Liu An tea is a famous tea originating in An Hui Province in China. This region has a long tradition of making post-fermented teas like their neighbors in Yunnan province who make Pu-Erh Tea. The manufacturing process is similar to Pu-Erh tea and Liu An is a much sought after favorite among tea connoisseurs.

This is something special. Dark tea from Liu An, Anhui aged in a natural environment for some years. Sun Yi Shun is the most famous brand of Liu An because of its superior product quality and more than one hundred years of history. The tea is from a small leaf variety of Camellia Sinensis. This kind of Hei Cha is produced by baking leaves over a small fire and then compressed into a brick. The process and storage are similar to Pu-erh because slow fermentation is possible during proper aging.

The taste is very simple and original. Full of woody notes, frankincense-like scent, and nutty-buttery feeling with surprising vanilla flavor. The most beautiful thing in that tea is its energy: warming and calming, deeply relaxing. Nice charcoal, nutty bitter&sweet tea holds it's taste for solid 6+ infusions. 

Steps to make Liu An Tea:
Prepare a Yixing teapot dedicated to Liu An tea.
Add 5-8 grams of leaves depending on the size of the teapot
Applying a 2-3 second rinse once or twice.
Steep for 25 seconds.
Pour the tea in a fairness cup.
Serve in small tea tasting cups.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review