Supreme Organic Jin Shan Cui Ya Chinese Green Tea


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Type: Green
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: A rare shoot leaf green tea. Some people like their green tea soft and sweet, others may prefer good umami. Jin Shan Cui Ya is produced in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province. Zhenjiang, alternately romanized as Chinkiang, is a prefecture-level city in Jiangsu Province, China. It lies on the southern bank of the Yangtze River near its intersection with the Grand Canal. It is opposite Yangzhou (to its north) and between Nanjing (to its west) and Changzhou (to its east). Zhenjiang was formerly the provincial capital of Jiangsu and remains as an important transportation hub.

Jin Shan Cui Ya is made from the new leaves of good quality strong tea plants in the unique traditional way. The picking period of Jin Shan Cui Ya is generally in the middle of April every year. The standard of picking is one bud with one leaf or one bud with two leaves. The finished Jin Shan Cui Ya looks straight and elegant in appearance. It has an appealing flowery taste with a long sweet aftertaste. The dried tea leaves are thick and about 5mm - 6mm in length. It is an excellent green tea with nice outlooks and good quality.

After brewing, its tea soup looks clear and light green. During steeping, the leaves stand upright in a cup, just like Jin Shan Tower in Zhenjiang reflecting in the Yangzi river. High-quality Jin Shan Cui Ya has a long-lasting orchid fragrance. The smooth buds infuse alight greenish-yellow liquor that is refreshing, smooth and aromatic. The flavor indelicate, clean, sweet vegetarian, with mild astringency and a pleasing finish. The beautiful crisp mineral taste, underscored with mild floral aroma, gives it an intriguing earthy taste.

Brewing Guide: Put 5 grams of tea in a clear glass cup. Pour 150ml of 85°C water in to the cup, and wait for 5 minutes until the tea leaves have dilated owing to the absorption of the water. Each bud is floating in the cup, which has the reputation of “forest in the cup”. It’s the best way to make it with a glass cup. You can enjoy the visual feeling of tea buds in the cup. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review