Supreme Organic Mao Shan Qing Feng Jade Blades Chinese High Mountain Green Tea


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Mao Shan Qing Feng is from Maolu village, Jintan city, Jiangsu Province, China. It is characterized by its green color, delicate aroma, mellow taste and beautiful shape. The superior geographical environment and good quality water resources around Mountain Mao have contributed much to the growth of Mao Shan Qing Feng tea. The soil here is rich, loose and soft with plenty of water and a proper temperature, which creates the superb conditions for Mao Shan Qing Feng tea of a high quality.

The tea is bright and lively with a unique sharpness accented with bouquet and a slight touch of herb. The leaves are flat yet beautiful that some people who drink this tea would rather sacrifice full taste to infuse it in a tall glass for looking at the “dance of small leaves” as the leaves float and sink in the hot water. It is produced from young high quality tea buds and leaves. The finished Mao Shan Qing Feng tea has a straight and elegant appearance and a fresh flowery taste with a long sweet aftertaste and a slight hint of a nutty flavour.
Mao Shan Qing Feng is a truly beautiful tea, carefully plucked, and delicately processed. Hand-flattened jade-green leaves create a mellow-sweet taste with chestnut overtones. Natural sweetness from the jade-green leaf establishes complexity in this renowned sweet nutty tea. The well-balanced flavor profile of the liquor suggests freshly cut grass and toasted chestnuts, with a somewhat floral fragrance. In the cup, the liquor has a sweet and mildly astringent flavor. These qualities, coupled with the vibrant vegetal aroma and freshness of its early plucking time, gives the tea backbone and structure, like a fine wine. The taste of the tea flirts with the palate and is a sheer delight. It is a soothing and refreshing drink to have throughout the day.
Brewing Guide: Put 5 grams of tea in a clear glass cup. Pour 150ml of 85°C water in to the cup, and wait for seven minutes until the tea leaves have dilated owing to the absorption of the water. Drink the tea in the following three minutes, and you can enjoy a perfect cup of Mao Shan Qing Feng tea.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review