Traditional Dark Heavily Roasted Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea


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This oolong tea is produced traditionally, to retain the original spirit of this famous tea. With Anxi moving away from age-old tradition, this style of tea is becoming rarer. This very distinct kind of oolong tea is a heavily roasted Tieguanyin processed with the technique of Tieguanyin from Fujian. Roasted by the 6th generation of a family that has always specialized in the making of this tea.

It is picked in the autumn and oxidized at around 40% before being roasted slowly over charcoal to impart a gently toasted quality. To make it even rare and desired is the highly roasted finish that gives the leaves an intense fragrance where fruity notes of wild berries mingle with the creamy taste of roasted nuts and dark chocolate.

The leaves are distinguishable from the original High Roasted Anxi Tieguanyin, by the particularly small size, and the deep dark color of its leaves. The amber color liquor of this oolong tea shines with purple hues, in striking contrast with the yellow color of its Fujian counterpart. Admire the tightly rolled leaves that resemble precious and luscious jet-black pearls.

Enjoy the warm, soothing aroma as hot water touches the leaves. A smooth oolong with a lingering roasted caramel taste with a slightly sour finish as expected of Tie Guan Yin. Deep, woodsy sweet aroma with a mellow honey flavor. Soft, round body brightened with notes of plum and citrus peels. Biscuity undertones hint at red dates, Chinese licorice and berries. Sweet aftertaste. Owing to the excellent quality of this tea, it will stand up to multiple infusions, offering nuanced changes as you carefully savor each cup. For such a potent roast, there is a good sense of balance and structure with dried fruit notes shining through in the upper frequencies. This is a comforting, throaty tea.

Brewing Guide: 5g in 500ml water at 95°C for 2-3 minutes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review