XIN CHUAN XIANG Brand AliShan Zhu Lu Taiwan High Mountain Gao Shan Oolong Tea 150g


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Zhu-lu Tea, known as Alishan high mountain tea,is cultivated in Shihjhuo areas at an altitude of 1300 meters or above. The altitude and mountain mist provide the low temperature and proper humidity to allow the leaves to develop slowly and remain tender. Young tea shoots are picked by hand and then undergo a special processing method Partially fermented and lightly roasted, Zhu-lu Tea is characterized by its semi-spherical shape and pleasant smell. The brewed tea especially possesses a beautiful yellow color and subtle fragrance as well as rich and mellow taste.

At around an altitude of 1300 meters or above, Alishan is a good area to grow tea and one of the important mountain tea production areas in Taiwan. The former Taiwan vice president, Hsieh Tung-min named this tea Zhu Lu Tea in 1987 because of the Zhu Lu (literally meaning "dew") on the veins.
The Zhu-lu tea is grown at Shihjhuo where is a town along the main road of Alishan. It is the famous place of Alishan tea origin. Since the weather of Shihjhuo is very fitting and proper of oolong tea, the Zhu-Lu Tea becomes the most well-know high mountain tea in Taiwan.
Zhu-Lu tea--which needs be made between two days and one night, it contains the special fragrance and is very good to drink. Besides, it is helpful to our health.
Note: 50g, 100g loose tea is taken from a 250g tin, metal tin is not included. only buy 250g, you will get the gift packaging.

To Enjoy: We highly recommend brewing Oolong gongfu style to appreciate its many layers of flavor. It may be prepared in a regular teapot, an Yixing clay pot, or in individual cups. Use about 1 tsp. per cup (8 oz.) of water heated to 80-90°C (176-194°F). Infuse for 2-3 minutes and pour off. The leaves may be resteeped 1-3 times.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review