Zheng Yan Da Hong Pao Wuyi Rock Oolong Tea


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Zhen Yan Da Hong Pao or True Cliff Big Red Robe is a special oolong tea grown and cultivated within the "Zheng Yan" area of the Wu Yi heritage area. Zheng Yan is the protected area of the Wu Yi Heritage Site that is not open to the public. This tea is harvested and crafted at an elevation of 300-500m. Their tea is considered to be the highest grade of yan cha, or rock tea since it is grown in the zheng yan area. The tea trees here are also allowed to grow naturally in spacious groves instead of carefully planted estate-style. The trees can be up to 100 years old. Plucked meticulously by hand, the farmers use traditional methods to maintain quality standards and produce stellar teas.

The visual appearance of Zheng Yan Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea is captivating. The tightly twisted, dark leaves exude an earthy aroma, hinting at the robust flavors within. Once infused, the tea liquor takes on a mesmerizing amber hue, offering a feast for the eyes.

It has an intense flavor and the most mesmerizing floral aroma. As you savor a cup of the tea, you'll be greeted by a complex and layered taste profile, accompanied by a roasted note that lingers in the aftertaste and adds a pleasant hint. This true cliff tea is delicately sweet and intensely floral. Gradually, the flavors deepen, unveiling a delightful mix of roasted nuts, hints of caramel, and a lingering mineral essence. The silky texture soothes and cools the throat as it goes down. More elegant than younger, more pronounced teas, the tastes linger for a long time, making it enjoyable long after one finishes a cup. And the traditional roasting is warming from the core, perfect to drink as the weather gets colder.

Brewing Guide: the steeping temperature should be always at 100 C (212 F). For easy brewing simply steep 2-5 grams of leaves for 3-4 minutes in a teapot or mug. However, to fully appreciate this high-grade rock tea, it's highly recommended to steep it in a yixing teapot or gaiwan, using the Chinese flash brewing (or kungfu brewing) method below.

1. Rinse the teaware with hot water.
2. Fill the teapot or gaiwan 1/2 full with leaves.
3. Add hot water to rinse the leaves and discard the water.
4. Add hot water again and steep for just 5 seconds before serving.
5. For the second brew increase the steeping time to 8 seconds.
6. For the third brew increase the steeping time to 15 seconds.
You can steep Da Hong Pao up to 8 times when using this flash brewing method.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review