8 Flavours Taiwan High Mountain Oolong & Green Tea Collection Teabags Assortment

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Oolong & Green Tea
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5g x 8 bags
Enjoy a large selection of premium single-serve oolong and green tea bags selected from Taiwan. Featuring oolong and green teas whose caffeine content ranges between medium and high, this is the perfect pack for the energy lover in your life. A perfect gift for any tea lover.
This tea bag assortment includes eight of most popular teas from Taiwan:
  1. Organic Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Blended with Osmanthus Flowers 5g x 1 teabag
  2. Organic Taiwan Lightly Oxidised Li Shan Cha High Mountain Oolong Tea 5g x 1 teabag
  3. Organic Alishan Jinxuan Golden Daylily Natural High Mountain Oolong Tea 5g x 1 teabag
  4. Organic Taiwan High Mountain GABA Oolong Tea 5g x 1 teabag
  5. Organic Rolled Bai Hao Oolong Oriental Beauty Medium Oxidized High Mountain Tea 5g x 1 teabag
  6. Organic Baked Roasted Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea 5g x 1 teabag
  7. Organic Taiwan Ali Shan Ball Shaped Oolong Style Floral High Mountain Green Tea 5g x 1 teabag
  8. Organic Taiwan Oriental High Mountain Green Tea Scented with Jasmine Flowers 5g 
Brewing Guide: Place one bag in a cup, fill with boiling water and let it steep for 1-2 minutes and serve.