Black Ceramic Loop Handle Tea Water Kettle & 220V Electric Stove for Gongfu Tea Kettle Only

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Material: Ceramic
Product Dimensions:
                     Kettle: 100 x 90 x 210mm 950ml (32.12oz)
                     Stove: 189 x 189 x 90mm Voltage: 220V 
Origin: China
Description: This electric ceramic tea kettle looks like a classic teapot, but it'll heat your water to a boil as quick as any other electric kettle. Tea time should be fun and kettles should be cute — Those are the unwritten rules of tea drinking. Our electric ceramic tea kettle has the look of a classic kettle with its traditonal ceramic design.
A 1000 watt heating element brings your water to a boil reasonably quickly even though it's not as high-powered as the other kettles on this list. The kettle also offers boil-dry protection and automatic shut-off for safety and durability. There is a fan inside the stove, when it is working, the fan bring heat away and keep the base cool. The ceramic pot detaches from the heating base so you can carry it over to your dinner table or countertop just like you would a normal teapot.
It's a simple stove with an on/off switch, power selections and a red LED light that indicates when it's boiling your water and when it's off. The heating element is concealed, so all you have to do is clean out the stove every now and then to avoid buildup. Since the pot is entirely ceramic, you don't have to worry about a plasticky or metallic taste ruining your tea, either.