Cellulite Reducing Natural Herbal Diet Slim Tea Weight Loss Fat Burn 60 Teabags

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Ning Hong
Ning Hong tea (new anti-obesity tea) can effectively remove the excessive fat in human body and lower the blood pressure and cholesterol, resulting in a stable and lasting weight-reducing and healthcare function. It is proved that regular drinking of this tea lead to no side effect. As this tea contains natural ingredients conducive to mild drain, frequency of urination and bowel movements will generally increase during the first ten days of application and then restore to a normal level. If the weight is reduced to a normal standard, stop using this product immediately. It cannot take place of medicines in terms of curative effect.
Effects: Assists in fat metabolism and can be used as part of a weight loss program. It is completely natural, contains no caffeine or any other additives.
Ingredients: Ning Hong tea, Cassia tora, hawthom and lotus leaf. 100% natural tea, no additives.
Instruction: At the first week of the treatment, it is most appropriate to drink before sleeping, one package every evening. From the second week one package each in the morning and evening. 45 days is being the course of treatment.
Place one teabag into 170ml of boiled water. Steep for 5-6 minutes. This can be done for 2 times.