CHINATEA Brand Premium Grade Osmanthus Black Tea 80g


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A traditional Chinese blend of black tea scented with Osmanthus blossoms. Sweet osmanthus is especially valued as an additive for tea and other beverages in the Far East. The Chinese discovered that the Osmanthus can be used to enhance the natural fruitiness of some of their finest green and black teas. The result is similar to fine jasmine tea but lighter and much fruitier. The leaves from the osmanthus are sometimes mixed in with partially fermented green tea to produce a lovely aromatic tea. Osmanthus flowers used to scent tea are known as Kwei Hwa.

A scented tea is made by adding into blac tea a small amount of dried flowers of Osmanthus. The jar with this mix should be sealed for a few weeks, and then used for brew. Osmanthus blossom scented tea with fresh flower petals has an unforgettable scent that can just draw you into feeling a bit drunk. Small creamy-white flowers of this delightful legendary plant from China fill the air with a rare perfume that surrounds you and penetrates deep into your heart, bringing a touch of floral mystery. The allure of tea made with Osmanthus blossoms is perfect for those times when you want something seductive yet satisfying.

Brewing Guide: One teaspoon per person, be brewed for three to four minutes. This tea has a light refreshing taste. It can be used to make iced tea.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review