Digital Instant Read Food Cook Tea Probe Thermometer

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a. Ensure food is cooked thoroughly and reduce the risk of harmful bacteria

b. Perfect for use when indoor or outdoor cooking.

c. Easy to read LCD screen

d. Data hold function stores the last reading


a. Working voltage :1.5V

b. Temperature resolution:0.10/°F

c. Accuracy: 0℃~+80℃(±1â„?or 2°Fï¼?Other range: ±5℃~10â„?or ±10°F ~20 °F

d. Measuring frequency: 1 sec, 10sec, sleep , auto select

Major functions available"

a. Measuring range: -50~+300℃(-58~+572°Fï¼?/p>

b. Memory of last measure

c. Low battery sensation and display

d. 15 minute auto shutdown for power saving(option)

e. â„?and °F display selectable

The digital display will provide you with a very accurate and clear indication of the temperature in the centre of the food. This very handy device is a must have accessory for home! Digital thermometer with stainless steel sensor probe can be used for a whole range of different food types Very Easy to use, features a large and simple to read LCD display. 

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