Digital LCD Kitchen Spoon Scale With Detachable Food Measuring Scoop 300g/0.1g

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Handle: 175 x 40 x 20mm, Spoon: 115 x 55mm 30ml 1.01oz
Stainless Steel
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Product Overview

This is a high precision electronic scale. Accuracy is rated to 0.1g.It provide 4 units of weight to transform.It can Measure seasoning weight, such as salt, sugar, starch. With this new DIGITAL SPOONSCALE you can even weigh smallest drops of liquids most exactly! This SPOONSCALE can weigh everything from 0,1g to 300g and this better, than anything known before. Take your ingredients directly out of the package - no pre-portion or decanting necessary anymore! Of course the spoonhead can be removed and is dishwasher proof.

Weighs butter, flour, cream spices or tea instantly when scooping the ingredients during cooking or baking. This very handy scale fits into any drawer or can be hanged / placed on every kitchen rack.
  • Digital spoon scale with LCD display, combination spoon and scale
  • 300g capacity with 0.1 gram readability
  • 3 function: Tare function, Mode function, Hold function
  • "Tare" button on the display for zeroing out the spoon tray
  • Balance adjust function ensures your precises your precise measurement
  • Ideal tool to weigh butter, flour, cream, tea or spices during cooking or barking.
  • Assist you to make the job much quicker
  • Auto power off after 1 mins without operations(default)
  • Low consumption for long time use
  • Low Power Alarm
  • Powered by:2 x AAA batteries (Not included)
  • Volume of spoon: 0 - 30ml
  • Operation temperature: 0°C - 40°C (32°F - 104°F)
  • Maximum Precision scale : 300g.
  • Minimum Precision scale : 0.1g.
  • 4 different weighing modes - g=grams, oz=ounces, ct=carats, gn=grains
  • Material: Stainless Steel & Plastic


(No reviews yet) Write a Review