Ebony Gongfu Tea Brush

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How to maintain a Yixing clay pot? Some one prefer to pour the tea liquor onto the pot or just leave the used leaves in the pot. They believe through this way makes it faster to get a beautiful aged pot. However, this is not the right means. Residues in will result a lot of harmful microorganisms and make pot in red and black speckles. A traditional way is to use boilling water to clean the pot and use a tea brush to clear the water stains on the surface. Pot will then be placed on the pot-shelves to kake it dry. The pot will go sparkling,polished and be in the best artistic effect.

Besides, this brush is a convenient tool to clean the tea stains on your Gongfu tea desktop.

The surface of fresh wood often turns dark green upon exposure. It is fine textured, cross-grained and has a waxy appearance and feel and is mildly and pleasantly scented when warmed. The wood is green in color and darkens to a deeper green upon exposure to mild sunlight.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review