Handcrafted Small Bamboo Tea Light Candle Holder Teapot Mug Coffee Wax Warmer

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Material: Bamboo
Shipping Weight: 500g
Dimensions: 150 x 130 x 60mm
Origin: China
Description: Looking for a stylish way to keep your tea nice and warm without using a tea cozy, which will loses heat over time? Look no further! Dragon Tea House bamboo teapot warmer does an excellent job of keeping your tea nice and hot. It comes with a tealite candle and work with ANY new tealite candle after that.
* Premium quality warmer for teapots and tea kettles. Includes a tealight candle.
* Sturdy warmer will work with small to medium sized teapots.
* High quality construction and beautiful natural finish will give your next tea making experience a truly luxurious feel. 
* Teapot is not included.