Handmade Green Bamboo Cha Dao 4 Pcs Gongfu Tea Ceremony Utensils Tools Set

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Cha Dao
Material: Bamboo
Shipping Weight: 120g
Dimension: Tea Presentation Vessel: 180 x 65 x 20mm
                    Tea Digger: 185 x 12 x 20mm
                    Tea Needle: 185 x 12 x 20mm
                    Tea Tongs: 185 x 12 x 25mm
Origin: China
Description: "Cha Dao" (the Way of Tea) is a set of tools that is used when brewing tea using traditional Chinese Gong Fu tea wares. Typical items in a Cha Dao set are:
TeaPresentation Vessel - display leaves before brewing
Tea Scoop - take tea leaves from tea caddy
Tea Needle - prevents spout blockage
Tea Tongs - help to wash and pick up hot teacups or wates leaves.