Handmade High Quality Bamboo Chopsticks in Sliding Case

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Specifications: Length: 230mm Width: 32 Height: 10mm
Shipping Weight: 84g
Material: Bamboo
Origin: China
Description: As the origin of chopsticks, China is the first country in the world to use chopsticks and has a history of at least 3,000 years to have meals with chopsticks. Chopsticks seems quite simple with only two small and thin sticks, but it is in possession of many functions, such as picking, moving, nipping, mixing and digging; moreover, it is convenient for use and cheap in price. Besides, chopsticks are also unique tableware in the world. Anyone using chopsticks, no matter Chinese or foreigners, would without exception admire the inventor of chopsticks.
After experiencing numerous hardships and tests and upon baptism of the time, the chopsticks give off more lingering taste, and have gradually evolved to be an existing form with a combination of pragmatism and culture. Today, chopsticks are not only one kind of tableware, but also become a unique culture form, representing a kind of civilization, coming in front of us as a work of art for research, use, appreciation, collection and presenting as a gift.