Hei Zhuan Cha * Hu Nan Baishaxi Black Tea Brick 75g

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Black tea is one of the six major teas and a tea cultivated in China. Hunnan is China's largest production base of black tea while Baishaxi tea plant, Anhua is the birthplace of black tea. Anhua black gross tea adoptstraditional drying method by wood fire while in primary processing. It has the fame of 'tea as amber' and 'color as iron, with extraordinary fragrance'. It is the traditional drying by wood fire that brings forth the unique quality of Anhua black tea.

Adopt Anhua high quality black gross tea as raw material, refined through working procedures like crashing, sifting, zymolysis, braising, pressing and drying, etc. The shape is like rectangle brick, the surface of the brick is in good shape, the four squares are flat, the veins are clear. The color and luster of the surface are black brown and bright, the endoplasm is of pure fragrance, the savour is pleasant with mellowness. The color of the brewing is red yellow and quite clear.

Brewing method: use tea knife take 10-15g tea from the brick, put it in 500ml boiling water for 3 mimutes, serve it immediately.