Kyoto Ito En Itoen Farmer's Home-grown Private Japanese Sencha Green Tea 300g

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Type: Green Tea
Net Weight: 300g
Manufacturer: Ito En
Packaging: Bag
Origin: Japan
Description: The farmer's home-grown green tea is a reproduction of green tea that is specially produced by a farmer who uses the tea for his own home. Although the shapes of the tea leaves are uneven, fresh tea buds, strong tea stems and dark green tea powder have been kept. Using deep steamed tea technology, the tea color is dark green and the tea soup is stronger. Broken leaves and stems enhance the aroma and flavor.
Brewing Guide: It is recommended to use a teapot and pour it into the cup for drinking. Pour the boiled water and you'll enjoy tasty green tea.
1. Put 3 teaspoonful of leaves(approx.5g) into a teapot.
2. Pour boiled water.
3. Steep about 30 seconds and shake a little. Please pour it into two cups evenly until the last drop in order to get the taste uniformly.