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Special teas from the famous mountainous plantations in the province of Yunnan will pleasantly surprise you with an unusual combination of six exquisite flavor notes.

Dragon Tea House Yunnan Tea collection is born on the famous alpine plantations of the Chinese province of Yunnan. The special taste characteristics of tea are due to the luxurious climatic conditions that are inherent in Yunnan. Tea plantations are located at an altitude of at least 1200 meters above sea level, where, despite the height, heat and good humidity are preserved. Tea leaves, shrouded in the gentle care of nature, absorb all the power and brightness so that later they open up in a fragrant tonic infusion. 

This tea collection consists of 6 different teas (total 12 pieces). Each leaf contains around 8 grams of tea that easily lasts for 5-8 steeps in a Yixing teapot or Chinese gaiwan.

ARBOR TREE PU-ERH RIPE (golden leaf)

Ripe Pu-erh is a signature tea made from a large leaf varietal grown at 1200 meters in Yunnan Province.  It is a very special tea with its unique taste that develops from a fermentation process. The dark liquor has a woody, nutty character and a smooth, deep, lasting aftertaste.
Quantity: 2

This unique Pu-erh is blended with a rice-scented herb that gives this tea the unique aroma of sticky rice with mineral and earthy undertones. The liquor yields pungent aromas of basmati rice and savory flavors of mushrooms and tamari. The combination is deep but uplifting, sweet yet earthen, and steeps over and over again. Enjoy the pleasurable fragrance of rice without the calories! 
Quantity: 2

ARBOR TREE PU-ERH RAW (bronze leaf)
This Raw Pu-erh tea from 1300 meters high mountains in Yunnan, is the perfect choice for both seasoned and novice drinkers. A classic pu-erh, this tea offers a wet wood and musky aroma and light orange infusion. A robust cup with earthy, sour fruity notes and astringent mouthfeel.
Quantity: 2

Yunnan black tea, as known as Dianhong, is a rich and flavorful black tea from the Yunnan province of China. This tea is grown at 1700 meters altitudes and it is considered one of the best black teas in the world. Sweet and woody and bright red in color, this tea has a unique honey flavor with floral notes. This amazing black tea is wonderfully aromatic and produces an incredibly complex cup.
Quantity: 2

YUNNAN GREEN TEA (green leaf)
This Green Tea fully represents the taste and flavors of traditional teas. Cultivated at 1300 meters, it is simply dried in the air at a controlled temperature. It does not undergo any other process. The buds and the first leaves are covered with classic white tea fluff. full-bodied flavour perfect for all day refreshment - revitalising. Very rich in antioxidants!
Quantity: 2

YUNNAN WHITE TEA (silver leaf)
This rare white tea is harvested at 1600 meters above sea level. Its fine harvest is made up of large, mostly untreated leaves, alongside long silvery buds. This white tea from Yunnan boasts spectacular leaves and develops apricot, floral, vegetal and vanilla notes against a very smooth texture.
Quantity: 2

The unique taste of Yunnan tea gives an excellent mood and excellent tea party. This gift set would be perfect matched with one of our tea sets or tea mugs, and would make a great present for someone who would like to explore the diverse world of teas. 

Brewing Guide: 

Boil water and put one piece per cup. It is enough to insist 3-5 minutes to feel the light notes of tea and taste its bright taste. At home or in the office, in the morning, during the day or in the evening - enjoy wonderful tea and be inspired by important changes and new achievements.

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