Nonpareil Fuding Jasmine Bai Hao Yin Zhen Silver Needle White Tea


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Particularly noble and elegant jasmine tea variant of the Chinese white tea classic. Pure early spring white tea buds from Fuding county, Fujian province, naturally scented with freshly picked jasmine flowers. The home of the Jasmine Silver Needle is Fuding County in Fujian Province. Because it’s here, where the world’s most famous traditional white teas, ‘White Silver Needle’ and ‘White Peony’ come from. Different from other Yunnan silver needles, this is authentic early spring harvested Fuding Siver Needle tea. Our Jasmine Silver Needle is unlike any white tea you have tasted before; the amount of pride that went into making it is clearly visible in the pointed buds which are slender, whole and delicate.

In order to achieve the desirable presence of the sweet and floral notes in the tea buds and ensure their persistence across a range of infusions, the scenting process needs to be repeated seven times. This lot uses jasmine which comes from the Hengxian area in Guangxi Province, China. Known as “the city of Chinese jasmine”, this area grows high-quality jasmine and a lot of it. At this, the Jasmine flowers are changed for each round of scenting. After the scenting, careful sorting out of the jasmine flowers from the tea leaves marks the final processing step.

Once brewed, the pale golden ivory liquid will absolutely surprise your taste buds with its light sweetness. The light-bodied infusion is absolutely complex- it is refreshing, yet has a velvety smooth mouth feel, soft floral notes, with fresh flavors of hay and light honey, subtly woody, fruity and vegetal.

Our Nonpareil Fuding Jasmine Silver Needle is beautiful, balanced, sweet and surprising- it is a must-have for any fans of either jasmine tea or Silver Needle.

Brewing Guide: 3g of tea per teacup. Boil water to 75_ with good, filtered water. Pour over the leaves. Steep for 1 minute. Makes a good second infusion. In fact, you can make several infusions if you increase the steeping time for each brew.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review