One Plum Blossom Award Oriental Beauty Competition Grade Taiwan Bai Hao Oolong 50g

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Origin: Taiwan, China
Type: Oolong
Packaging: Bag
Description: It is said that in the old days, the Queen of England was amazed by this type of tea's unique flavor and named it "oriental beauty." In Taiwan, it is called champagne oolong tea, pekoe tea, oolong tea or Pong Feng tea. The harvest season is limited to the summer. Bitten by the tea green leafhopper (Jacobiasca Formosana), the leaves do not grow after the summer. The leaves can be fermented and baked into rich, yet sweet tea with a honey or ripe fruit aroma. The unique cultivation process is essential to its quality. 
Perhaps the most unique tea competition in Taiwan is the Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea competition in Emei, Hsinchu County in northern Taiwan. This is because Oriental Beauty is a traditional Oolong Tea that is made with the help of the Green Leaf Hopper insect that likes to feed on the sap of tea leaf buds. It is a prime example of a fine artisan tea and is produced in very small quantities, and so warrants a high value.
Every year, the annual Hsinchu County Oriental Beauty Tea Competition sets the benchmark for this highly prized tea. Teas bearing the seal of the competition will command very high prices and be snatched in the hours following the competition. One Plum Blossom Winner in tins containing 150 g of exceptional tea. This high level of Oriental Beauty tea rarely gets to travel outside of Asia as nearly all of it is bought by Chinese speculators.
The flavor is delicate, a sweeter floral flavor, and even a tad like honey towards the end of the sip. This competition grade Oriental Beauty tea has an incredible natural flavor. This is without a doubt the best tea in the world. It has an incomparable flavour and fragrance born of the unique area in which it is grown and made. It is hard to do the tea justice with a description but you can detect apricot, muscat grape, geranium, elder, wildflower honey, sandalwood, rose, caramel, gardenia and lilac to name but a few.
This is an authentic competition grade with anti-fake label. 50g size loose sample is taken from tin and sealed in plastic bag. Buy 150g to get the original tin packaging.
Brewing Guide: 6 gram tea with 150 ml water. Pre-warm the teapot before brewing. Water temperature: 85°C. Brewing time: 1st brew' 50 sec, 2nd brew' 30 sec, 3rd brew' 50 sec.