Organic Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe 1 BOP1 High Grown Black Tea


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Sri Lanka
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Type: Black
Packaging: Bag
Origin: Sri Lankan
Description: Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, has been providing excellent teas since the mid 1800's and is currently one of the largest tea producing countries in the world. Sri Lanka has 6 growing regions: Kandy, Uda Pussellawa, Uva, Ruhuna, Dimbula and Nuwara Eliya. The central highlands of Sri Lanka offer humidity, cooler temperatures and consistent rainfall, all of which provide a favorable environment for high quality teas.

Broken Orange Pekoe 1 (BOP 1) teas are golden, wiry, and generally of medium length. It’s one of the best of the broken tea category and bears a mild malty taste. The BOP1 range falls into the category of High grown and medium grown tea, hailing from the centre of the country’s hills, grown at an elevation 6000ft to 2000ft above sea level. Given the high elevation at which it is picked, the tea is bright in colour and greater in flavor and freshness. The rare and refined quality of the taste easily sets the tea leaves apart low grown varieties. BOP1 is one of the most sought after grades of High grown teas and is seen to be more favoured.

Medium sized wiry black leaves with a deep rich aroma. These leaves produce a full bodied and strong tasting tea liquor with an exceptionally well rounded sweet flavor and with prominent notes of malt and cherry. An exceptionally versatile Ceylon tea. A smooth and medium bodied tea with subtle notes of malt and a citrus brightness. This is the Ceylon tea for you if you are looking for a smooth and creamy tea.

The quintessential Ceylon tea. This well-balanced, bright tea is a classic thirst-quenching brew. Big, bright, golden leaves give a full-bodied, refreshing cup to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Works well black or with a splash of milk.

Brewing Guide: Brewing the best cup.1 teaspoon per cup. Freshly boiling water, brew your tea for 4 minutes, a good rule of thumb is 3-5 minutes for most black teas (depending on your preference for strength)and enjoy with or without milk.

Ceylon teas are best paired with foods such as breakfast meals (breads, eggs, smoked fish, bacon, etc.), light savory foods, meats, eggs, cream cheese, pastries and fruit, to name a few.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review