Organic Dried Catnip Nepeta Cataria Pure Herb Tea


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Origin: China
Type: Herbal
Packaging: Bag

Catnip is a strong-smelling herb. It is native to Central Europe, though it can now be found in most of Canada and the Northeast United States. It belongs to the mint family and has oval-toothed, dark green leaves and white flowering tops. Catnip is most often used to attract cats, but can also be used as an ingredient in herbal teas. Catnip has long been thought to have medicinal properties. Its dried leaves and flowers are traditionally used for this purpose. Both can be used to make tea, which is sometimes used to treat conditions like insomnia, anxiety, and headaches.

Catnip tea’s biggest health benefit is the calming effect that it can have on the body. Catnip contains nepetalactone, which is similar to the valepotriates found in a commonly used herbal sedative, valerian. This can improve relaxationTrusted Source, which may boost mood and reduce anxiety, restlessness, and nervousness.

Catnip tea is most commonly used to treat nervousness and anxiety, along with other symptoms these conditions can cause, such as indigestion and insomnia. It may be used to treat conditions or symptoms related to gastrointestinal upset, including indigestion, cramping, and gas.

It can act as a diuretic, increasing urination and thus decreasing water retention. This could help in the treatment of a number of different conditions.

Catnip tea has historically been used to treat issues like arthritis, coughs, hives, fevers, and viruses.

Catnip tea has a woodsy, almost grassy taste. The longer it sits with lemon in it, the more you’ll taste the natural underlying minty, citrusy flavor. Some people prefer this to drinking the tea immediately after cooling. It has a cool, soothing flavor profile.

Our organic Catnip is cut and sifted leaves of the aromatic catnip plant. There are no artificial additives or chemicals used at any step of the growing process. This product is certified organic, and safe for cats and humans. 

Brewing Guide:
1. Add 1 spoon of the leaves to a tea strainer or tea ball and place in a standard-sized teacup.

2. Bring water to a boil in a kettle or a large pot on the stove.

3. Pour the hot water into the teacup and allow the leaves to steep for 5 to 10 minutes.

4. Remove the tea strainer and sweeten it with honey, sugar, or agave if desired.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review