Organic Supreme Huang Zhi Xiang Phoenix Fenghuang Dan Cong Chaozhou Oolong Tea


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This is a high quality handmade oolong from China. Also known as Phoenix bird oolong. Dan Cong is often translated as "Single Strain," named after tea bushes hundreds of years ago in which each bush produced a uniquely flavored tea. Fenghuang Dancong is a select oolong tea from Guangdong province and was a tribute tea in the Song Dynasty. The leaves are harvested from a strain of trees that have been selected for careful breeding as straight trunk trees. These trees have a single trunk that rises straight up and the branches form an umbrella, making harvesting the leaves particularly difficult. Pickers use tall ladders or must climb the trees to harvest the long leaves.

It is a most traditional form of oolong produced from a very, very old cultivar. It is the oldest even amongst its peers in Phoenix, in terms of the cultivar and production style.
A genuine traditional style Huangzhi Xiang is somewhere between a sweeter modern classic style Phoenix oolong and a bouquet style one. It has a very special taste profile that can be well brought out through normal and gongfu infusion approaches.
The tea is named after the fruit for a good reason — both the aroma and taste have that kind of accents, even hinting the smell of the fruit’s flower and touches of honey. This tea is very popular thanks to its sweet and distinctive flavor. Many customers who tried this tea described that its flavor reminds them of Lychee and ripe peach.
Brewing Guide:
Brew it in a gaiwan or in a Yixing teapot. Preheat vessel and cups with near boiling water (85-95°C or 185-200°F). Fill 1/3 to 1/2 of the volume with tea and add water and push off the bubbles with the lid as you cover and pour out this wash. Add more water, cover and infuse for 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on taste. Pour tea into preheated cups and serve. Infusion can be repeated four or more times, increasing the infusion time as necessary.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review