Organic Taiwan Black Soybean Oolong Tea 500g

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Ingredients: Oolong Tea and Black Beans
Black Bean Oolong Tea is a light refreshing tea added with the premium oolong tea from Taiwan. The scent is a strong roast with a bit of sweet nuttiness. The appearance is rough – lumps of oxidized oolong with lots of beans.

This oolong is for all the people who love that roasty smoky taste, but the black bean improved it by removing that bitter element of smoke. What you get is a sweet, roasty oolong smoke and a bombproof tea that you can grandpa or gongfu. The Black Bean Oolong sips in a stiff, sweet, and slightly silky texture. The flavor is like roasted chestnut skins, beany sweet, and an interesting savory broth note at the end.

If you like heavy roast oolongs, hojicha, or roast barley teas, Black Bean Oolong is a must!

Brewing Guide: The oolong may be prepared in a regular teapot, a Yixing clay pot, or in individual cups. Use about 1 tsp. per cup (8 oz.) of water heated to 80-90°C (176-194°F). Infuse for 2-3 minutes and pour off. The leaves may be re-steeped 1-3 times.

Cold Brewing oolong tea
Choose a big glass teapot or a pitcher. Add 2 spoons of tea leaves. Add lukewarm or cold water. Cover with a lid to protect from odors. Put in a fridge for at least 6 hours. Use within 24 hours.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review