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Rock Tea grows on the Wuyi Mountain rocky, mountainous terrain. The moisture from fog and mist gets accumulated on the rocky sides of the mountains and then flows down these rocks, to the roots of the tea plants, enriching them with minerals and creating an unmistakable taste. The harsh conditions force the tea bushes to store up nutrients, which results in a very smooth and sweet tea.

This oolong tea sampler consists of 16 samples of 16 different teas (total 16 sample packs). Each sample bag contains a generous 8 gram (0.28 oz) of tea that easily lasts for 9-10 steeps in a Yixing teapot or Chinese gaiwan. Your Wuyi journey starts right here.

Tea Sampler Content

01 Niu Rou Rou Gui (Niu Lan Keng Rou Gui): a medium roast yancha type, which was first processed during the Qing dynasty. Smooth with a lingering cinnamon fragrance that stays in your mouth for hours. Niulankeng is located between Zhangtangjian and Jiulongke, with steep cliff on the left and right. There are gurgling streams, fertile soil and suitable amount of sunlight in the Niulankeng ravine. Niulankeng is one of the core production areas of "three pits and two streams". Niulankeng Rou Gui is the king of Wuyi Rock Tea Rou Gui. It has a very unique flavor and domineering mouthfeel, which can not be compared to and imitated by Rou Gui grown in other places of Wuyi Mountain. 

02 Da Hong Pao (Red Robe): a high roast version of this classic oolong. The taste is intense and mellow with a slightly sweet aftertaste. The aroma is full and powerful. Favoured by those who like a strong rock tea that last for many steeps.

03 Gao Shan Shui Xian (High Mountain Shui Xian ): medium roast oolong also known as 'Shui Hsien'. It's characterised by a soft and smooth texture with a honey-ish flavour and floral aroma. It kind of reminds us of a Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong from Guangdong. A highly accessible oolong with an unique and easy to notice after taste.

04 Qi Lan (Rare Orchid): a light and mellow flavour characterised by a floral aroma of orchid and rosewood.

05 Da Hong Pao (Premium Grade): Made with premium tea leaves from the famous Wuyi Mountains to bring out the full bodied aroma of an authentic Oolong tea. This red-amber infusion lingers deep down as it warms your entire body. It develops an almost complete, harmonic combination of ripe, nutty flavours, accompanied by elegant notes and enveloped by a soft, smooth roasted taste.

06 Bai Rui Xiang (Hundred Auspicious Fragrance): a cultivar that was collected from the wall of Hui Yuan Keng in the zhengyan area. Growth habit is taller, half open, and densely branching. Leaves are green with small waves and an inward fold. Dry tea has a greenish brown color, rich aroma, and a mellow and sweet taste. Soup is orange-yellow in color.

07 Ai Jiao Wu Long (Dwarf Oolong): This tea has been processed in the traditional style, with greater oxidation and stronger charcoal roast than is common for an increasing number of Wuyi tea farmers who prefer to sell their tea more quickly. The leaves are uniform in size and have a deep fruity flavour.

08 Hua Xiang Shui Xian (Floral Shui Xian): A richly floral rock wulong with an aroma reminiscent of narcissus flowers and a deep full flavor. Oven dried for a higher floral aroma and less heavy charcoal smell.

09 Ye Cha (Wild Tea): It's a pure wild tea with tender and thick long-shaped smooth brown and green tea leaves, with dark red edges. This is a rare, special Wuyi oolong, with a unique rock aroma unlike any other. You feel it mellow, smooth, round and somewhat complicated with various tastes blended.

10 Huang Mei Gui (Yellow Rose): light roast. this oolong has a very unique floral aroma that evolves after every brew. It becomes sweeter, steep after steep.

11 Guo Xiang Rou Gui (Fruity Cinnamon): Guo Xiang means fruity. a classic Wuyi black oolong of longitudinal twisting. It has distinctive bright taste and rich aroma. This version of Rou Gui has fruity notes to it, making it really easy to drink for tea drinkers from any level!

12 Shui Jin Gui (Golden Water Turtle): This semi-oxidised tea is one of the great four of Wuyi mountain. The brewed tea has a bright golden sheen that closely resembles that of the golden tortoise, hence its name. Shui Jin Gui has a special mellow and refreshing taste similar to that of Tie Guan Yin and green tea.

13 Huang Mei Gui (Yellow Rose): This product show a more relevant aromatic and floral character instead of the other yancha thanks to a lower level of oxidation which also leaves some space for a sort of vegetal flavor during the tasting time. Also the roast of the leaves is made in a quite light way so it's possible to obtain a soft acid flavor which will fix itself on the palate with the floral feature leaving a rich aftertaste sensation. There will be the clear mineral touch typical of a yancha which gives a full body to this tea and enchanted the persistency of flavors in the mouth.

14 Tie Luo Han (Iron Arhat): This tea is popular by drinkers of yancha for its quality, complex taste and high quality. This tea has reached its best and has a refined taste. Its rich fragrance is mixed with a great taste of Yen flavor, essential for yan cha. Strong, rich & full bodied.

15 Ma Rou (Ma Tou Rou Gui): Ma Tou Rou Gui is currently one of the most sought after Wuyi Oolongs in China. The iconic “Horse Head” rock formation marks a small valley microclimate that has become known as one of the finest in all of Wuyi. This tea has been lightly charcoal roasted. The fragrance is fruity and a slight cong wei. Handpicked leaves are large and open nicely.

16 Que She (Sparrow's Tongue): Que She is a rare Wuyi oolong. This varietal is a offspring of the famous Da Hong Pao varietal. Que She is know for growing very slow, producing smaller leaves and ripes later. Smooth and gentle with hints of lychee fruit, vanilla and cream which is really quite distinctive from any other Rock tea. It has the singular flavour but it is very elegant. 

  • ARTISAN CRAFTED loose leaf tea from the world's most beautiful gardens, fresh, sustainably harvested tea leaves
  • DELIGHTFUL TEA GIFT SET with a premium collection of gourmet teas, a most welcomed hostess gift or gift for tea lovers
  • LOOSE LEAF TEA SAMPLER with 16 assorted, pre-portioned single serving pouches per box; each pouch contains the perfect measure for a perfect 12oz cup or pot of tea
  • PREPARE THE PERFECT CUP of hot tea anywhere, simply empty the contents into a teapot or infusing basket and pour hot water over tea leaves, steep and enjoy

Brewing Guide: 

1. Use hot water to evenly heat the tea set.
2. Take 1 bag (8 grams) of the tea leaves into the teapot, pour the appropriate amount of boiling water (100 â_? to submerge the tea leaves, and then quickly empty all the water.
3. Add boiling water to steep the leaves around 15 seconds to drink. Increase the time to 30 seconds on second brewing, and 1 minute on a third.
4. You can get 4-6 infusions out of most varieties.


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  • 4
    Good mix, different than listing.

    Posted by SB on 2024-03-15 1:19

    The sixteen pack sampler that I received is completely different in varietals. It's still sixteen packs of rock tea from Wuyi, but none of the specific ones detailed in this listing. Some packages have brewing information, some share detail about the tea, others do not. I am enjoying working my way through this, regardless.

  • 5
    Who Doesn't Like Variety?

    Posted by Jason J. Duke on 2022-10-07 14:46

    Great lunch time meal pot o' tea. Nice change up in the varieties, it's like eating at a different restaurant at my lunch table in my home everyday. What tea do I get today? Who knows?