Supreme Wild Sichuan Lao Ying Cha Laoying Hawk Eagle China Tea


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Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: Laoying Cha (eagle tea) is made from the dried leaves of a type of a Laurel tree, Actinodaphne cupularis. The tree is evergreen with thick dark green leaves, and it grows abundantly in the mountainous areas of Sichuan province. The family of Laurel trees (Lauraceae) includes the well-known Chinese herb sources for cinnamon and lindera. These herbs, like Laoying Cha, have essential oils that give them their characteristic fragrance and taste. In the case of Laoying tea, the main essential oil components that have been identified are sesquiterpenes: isocaryophyllene and germacrene. These ingredients are found in some of the mint family herbs, including the Chinese herb elscholtzia that is sometimes used as an aromatic beverage tea. Germacrene is also found in the aromatic bark of magnolia; isocaryophyllene is also found in the spicy herb cloves. 
Laoying Cha has been consumed for centuries in Sichuan Province, particularly in the city of Chongqing. This tea is made available in tea houses and restaurants along with ordinary green tea or black tea and is considered a must to consume with the typical oily dishes of Sichuan to balance the taste, promote digestion, and help clear the fats from the system. It has a reputation for lowering blood lipids, including cholesterol.
Laoying Cha contains a variety of ingredients, such as amino acids, mineral elements, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, flavonoids, polyphenols and other substances. Because it contains high iron, high selenium, high zinc, high chromium characteristics, it is beneficial to improve the function of hematopoietic system and endocrine system; other trace elements such as strontium, phosphorus and zinc have health effects on cranial nerves and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. For the human body, there are many functions such as quenching thirst and heat, dispelling and dispelling, detoxification and swelling, refreshing and mentally stimulating, clearing the eye and stomach, dispersing phlegm and relieving pain, stopping diarrhea and stopping phlegm. 
Laoying Cha does not contain caffeine, and is rich in mineral elements, involved in the metabolism of human proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates, and has a protective effect on cardiovascular. In particular, the effect of eliminating greasy is remarkable. Long-term drinking can lower blood fat and lower blood pressure.  
Brewing Guide: Rinse tea cup and teapot with hot water. Use about 2 teaspoons for every 500ml of water. Infuse in hot water at 90â_?to 95â_?for 2 to 4 minutes for the first and second brewing. Gradually increase steeping time and temperature for subsequent brewing. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review