White Porcelain Standard Competition Tasting Set * Large Bowl & Mug w/t Lid & Spoon

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Product Overview

This competition tasting set is made for international standard tea-tasting. It is suitable for green tea, black tea, oolong and pu-erh etc.

This set includes:

Porcelain Mug * 1: Capacity 250 ml /Length 85mm/Width 75mm/Height 110mm

Porcelain Bowl * 1: Capacity 350 ml /Length 110mm/Width 110mm/Height 60mm

Porcelain Soup Spoon * 1: Capacity  8ml /Length 130mm   

How to use?

Tea tasters also follow a specific procedure for tasting teas.

First, you must measure out the proper amount of tea. About 3 grams for this set.

The water temperature you use will depend on the type of tea you are tasting, of course. The standard steeping time for a tea tasting is 6 minutes, after which the tea liquor is poured into the serving bowl.

A professional tea tasting mug has a strainer built in to the lid. When it is time to strain the tea, the mug fits into the serving bowl with the handle facing up.

The tea leaves are then poured into the lid, and the leaves are examined and pressed to better evaluate the quality of the liquor. A large tasting spoon is used to smell and taste the tea from the bowl.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review