TAIWAN TEA Brand Xi Er Bei White Peach Oolong Fresh Oolong Tea With Real Dried Peach Chunks Tea Bag 30g


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Type: Oolong
Origin: China
Description:  Firm and freshly harvested peaches have an unforgettable juicy flavor! As they are native to China, peach naturally makes a lovely companion to Chinese oolong tea! Our White Peach Oolong tea is fruity, fragrant and balanced.
Our Peach Oolong is a mouth-watering blend of Oolong tea leaves and natural dried peach fruit. This peachy treat is so delicious it does not need additional sweeteners. Peach Oolong makes the perfect iced tea!
The dry leaf has a fragrant fuzzy peach aroma; once steeped, the golden liquor produces a cup with a bright flavor and a white peach freshness that accompanies the bright taste of flowery oolong. This Peach Oolong has deeply floral, honey and juicy. Fragrant and sweet like a perfectly ripe fruit, with a smooth astringency and lingering floral aroma.
Dried oolong loose tea leaves capture the essence of succulent peach with their explosive aroma and luscious taste. Experience the relaxing sensation of lounging before a radiant sunset in every cup. Steep up a peachy fresh cup of our White Peach Oolong tea, try multiple steeps!
Brewing Guide: place 1 tsp. of loose leaf in a tea maker or infuser (1 tsp. per cup). Heat water to 185°F, steep for 3-5 minutes then simply enjoy!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review