ZILEZHAI Brand Ming Qian Meng Ding Gan Lu Sweet Dew Chinese Green Tea 150g

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Meng Ding Gan Lu comes from the misty top of Mt. Mengshan amid the 'Heavenly Country' -- the gorgeous Sichuan province. Mt. Mengshan is one of the earliest tea cultivation areas, dating from 2000 years ago.

This tea is so rare it is one of the few designated 'Origin' teas in China, teas that have been produced from the same plants, on the same soil, using the same methods, for over 100 years. Dating all the way back to the Tang dynasty when the Emperor first took favor to this very fine brew.

Handmade by skilled artisans this delicate tea retains the fine silvery down of the early spring leaves. Fresh in aroma, it delivers on all expectations with a bright cup loaded with smooth vegetal flavor and chestnut notes throughout.

Our supreme grade sweet dew is fresh and sweet than ever! Limited latest crop from the farm directly, you may find natural sweet caramel like smell in the dry leaves! The best grade from Sichuan!

we recommend using a Gaiwan (traditional covered steeping cup). Preheat the Gaiwan with hot water and fill with 1-2 teaspoons of leaf. Cover with relatively cool water 60-70C (140-158F) and infuse for 2 or 3 minutes. To serve, pour into a pitcher or directly into warmed tasting cups and enjoy. It may be reinfused 2-3 times by gradually increasing steeping time and water temperature.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review