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Hawthorn tea is a type of herbal fusion or tea that is made using the berries of the hawthorn bush. Used to promote the health of the circulatory system, treat angina, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and cardiac arrhythmia and has been found to strengthen the heart. Hawthorn is widely regarded as a safe and effective treatment for the early stages of heart disease and has been used for a number of ailments including angina, myocarditis, arteriosclerosis, nervous conditions like insomnia, and diarrhea. It has also been indicated for strengthening blood vessels, vascular insufficiency and blood clots, restoring the heart muscle wall, lowering cholesterol and to aid digestion.

* Lowers High Blood Pressure

* Increases Low Blood Pressure

* Reduce Cholesterol

* Prevent Cholesterol Build Up

* Normalizes Heart Beat

* Improves Blood Circulation to the Heart Muscle

* Hawthorn is a Mild Sedative

* Hawthorn is an Anti Spasmodic

The purported benefits of hawthorn tea typically revolve around the combination of nutrients found in the berries and leaves. High amounts of selenium and vitamin C are present, along with significant amounts of calcium and potassium. There are also trace amounts of vitamin A, magnesium, and phosphorus, and very small amounts of various B vitamins. The end result is a supplement that is believed to have a positive effect on the heart, which in turn triggers a number of other health benefits.

Hawthorn tea is one of the easiest ways to naturally and safely lower your blood pressure. Anecdotal evidence regarding the benefits of hawthorn tea include regulating blood pressure so that it remains within a normal range. Circulation is believed to be improved with regular consumption of the tea, while also helping to prevent hardening of the arteries. The combination of nutrients are also believed to help with various types of nervous disorders, especially generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder, and may serve as a tonic during periods of stress.

Brewing Guide: 1 teaspoon hawthorn berries, 8 ounces boiling water. Steep the hawthorne for 15-20 minutes, strain. You can reheat the hawthorne tea and sweeten with honey and add a little lemon if you like. You can also add the tea to other herbal teas to make your own blend, and create a unique tasting herbal tea.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review