2500 Meters Organic Yunnan Lightly Roasted Alpine Summit Oolong Tea


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Yunnan Oolong Tea introduces the original Qingxin (green heart) Oolong variety from Taiwan. It not only makes use of Taiwan’s excellent tea tree varieties and advanced tea-making technology, but also benefits from the high mountain and humid climate environment of Yunnan, and the geographical advantage of 2500 meters above sea level.

Yunnan Oolong Tea Has its unique quality and taste. The specialty of the leaves of Yunnan oolong is thick and tender, the tea leaves are green and shiny, the taste is pure and smooth, with a light floral fragrance, the flavor is unique like sweet-scented osmanthus, finishes with a long-lasting lingering taste.

This is a splendid oolong that has a sweet taste thanks to its light roast which combines very well with a fantastic floral taste due to the high mountain cultivar. Located at an altitude of 2500m, the alpine in Yunnan province has rich soil and ideal climatic conditions. The cool climate and moisture from daily mists make the plants grow very slowly and produce tender, flavourful tea leaves and buds. Only can be harvested one time in spring and the end of autumn each, which the production is relatively scarce.

During the process of brewing Alpine Summit, a light fragrance of smoke combined with a carbon aroma brings a burst in your smell. After drinking it, the smooth taste first comes into your mouth instead of the bitter flavor, and in a while, the unique fragrance accompanied with sweetness suddenly emerges in your throat. The light floral and fresh alpine fir fragrances, accentuated with a sweet refreshing finish. We recommend this tea if you look for an oolong with an astringent taste and charcoal character.

Brewing Guide: Brew the tea at a temperature between 195-205° F for about 4-5 minutes. The first rinse of this tea is optional. Subsequent steeps can be shorter, approximately 2-3 minutes. Each serving can be brewed 4-5 times. Using the gongfu method you’ll taste how the tea changes with each steep, allowing the flavors to develop as the tea opens up.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review