Certified Organic Yunnan Large-leaf Rolled Curly Steamed Green Tea 320g 11.28oz

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Type: Green Tea
Net Weight: 320g
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: Yunnan Green Tea is grown in the mountains just outside Simao (Pu Erh City). It is made from the Yunnan Broad Leaf variety, which gives it its distinctive aroma and taste. Consisting of sets of a bud and a single leaf, the tea is processed by steaming, rolling and drying twice. Yunnan green tea varietals are numerous but the vast majority are hybrids based on the "large-leaf" Assamica, which is native to Yunnan. The assamica strain lends a great deal of taste, astringency to Yunnan green teas and allows them to be infused several more times than their comparable north-eastern cousin (Dragon Well, Tai Ping Hou Kui or Huang Shan Mao Jian).
It's quite obvious that why the tea leaves are steamed or heated just after it is harvest, upholding their all-natural flavour, which nourishing taste containing antioxidants. A single green leaf & white bud curled into a 'snail' shape. Pan-fired, rolled & basket-fire finished. A high quality green Yunnan, very tippy, strong and spicy. This green tea enhances the natural full bodied character and its rich, delicate flavour.
The product has been certified by China, European Union, as well as United States. 
Brewing Guide: We recommend brewing gong fu style (short steepings at first) using 85C water and 4 grams per 100ml vessel. It can be brewed 6 to 8 times gong fu style, which is a lot for a green tea!