Color Change Lucky Golden Toad * Yixing Clay Teatable Ornament

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Lucky Golden Toad or Three-legged Money Frog is called as Jin Chan Chu in Chinese. It is a popular Chinese symbol for prosperity. It often depicts a bullfrog portrayed with little eyes and flared nostrils, with a coin in its mouth. The Lucky Golden Toad is also seen with 7 dots on its back, depicting the Ursa Major (Great North Pole 7 Stars). A must for those who wish to multiply their wealth! According to Feng Shui lore, it is believed to drive away evil, protect wealth, and increase income.

Liu Hai is one of the most popular members of the Chinese pantheon of charm figures and represents prosperity and wealth. There are a couple of versions of the story which have come down through history.

Lucky Golden Toad has connection with a famouse Chinese character Liu Hai. Liu Hai was a Minister of State during the 10th century in China. He was also a Taoist practitioner. A story says that he became good friends with a three-legged toad who had the fabulous ability to whisk its owner to any destination. This particular toad had a love not only for water but also for gold. If the toad happened to escape down a well, Liu Hai could make him come out by means of a line baited with gold coins. The story of Liu Hai is frequently told as "Liu Hai playing with the Golden Toad". There is a hidden meaning here. The Chinese word for "toad" is chanchu. Sometimes, Chinese will only say the first character chan. In some Chinese dialects, the character chan has a pronunciation very similar to Qian which means "coin". Therefore, a storyteller reciting "Liu Hai playing with the Golden Toad" could be heard by listeners as "Liu Hai playing with the gold coins".

Here is how you can use the Lucky Golden Toad to Feng Shui your way to a better life.

1. Place this wonderful creature it in the wealth sector (South East) of your living room or office to magnify your windfall luck and enhance the income of the residents.

2. Place two Money Frogs: One inside your front door facing inwards symbolizes money coming in to your home of business and the other facing outward to collect the money.

3. For those involved in jobs where there is the opportunity to earn commission or side income, display a money frog next to your desk or diagonally opposite the front door to your home.

4. As a tea lover, you can put this Lucky Golden Toad on your teatable to to drive away evil, protect wealth and health, bring happiness to your teatime.

The ornament is a prestigious Chinese traditional folk art. Carving Ornament has become an absolute vivid original art style. The Carving Ornament is a kind of indoor decorative sculpture. Its small size makes it a terrific desk or teatable ornament, it is also called as 'desk sculpture'. The art of Carving Ornament is a decorate style that used widely in various circumstance. It plays an important role in tea serving ceremony. This vivid little figurine will add fun to your teatime.

This item has the ability to change its color. Just pour boiling water onto its back, the toad will change its color immediately.