Fengqing Golden Snail Dianhong Dian Hong Yunnan Gold Black Tea Cake 200g

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Type: Black Tea
Net Weight: 200g
Packaging: Cotton Paper
Origin: China
Description: The Yunnan province lies at the southwestern corner of China just touching the Tibetan Himalaya, and spotted with several mountains of its own. Some of the oldest tea trees in the world are said to be found here, and the province boasts a climate well-equipped to grow tea. Yunnan has come to be known as one of the birthplaces of tea, and awareness of tea spread first from here. The Cang Yuan Rang Sai Tea Farmers Group is located in Lincang, Yunnan. Lincang is the mountainous home of the Wa ethnic minority and most of the Rang Sai Tea farmers belong to this ethnic group. Lincang houses the world's oldest tea tree, some 3200 years old, in Jinxiu village, Xiaowan town, of Fengqing County.
The name of this tea refers to the appearance of the dry tea leaves. Golden Snail tea is made from golden tips, which are rolled into spirals that look like tiny snails. This rolling process allows the tea leaves to unfurl slowly over the course of two to three steepings, giving this tea multiple high quality infusions, unlike many other black teas.

This Yunnan black tea cake was harvested in early spring and carries a rich, delicious flavor profile! The dry leaf aroma smells of chocolate pastries and a touch of malt. Wet leaf aroma is similar but there is a light fruit note, perhaps peach. The first thing you taste is immensely sweet, mouth-coating thick honey and warm bready notes giving way to rich creamy cocoa and malt. A heavy molasses-like sweetness lingers on your tongue while notes of maple syrup, sweet potato, and gardenia weave through the finish. A very smooth tea — if not oversteeped there will be absolutely no bitterness or astringency.