Handmade Pure Silver Teapot Shi Piao

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Material: Silver
Origin: China
Dimensions: A : 132x92x65mm 208ml 225g
                      B : 139x94x63mm 218ml 251g                   
                      C : 163x116x71mm 338ml 387g
Description: This 999 (99.9%) pure silver handmade silver pot is a beautiful teapot. The exquisite manufacturing process of a whole silver pot is different from that of ordinary, bonded silver teapots. The mouth of the whole silver pot is beaten out slowly from inside to outside, and the bottom of the pot is formed by beating rather than welding in place. Therefore, silver pots made of whole silver have the highest silver content. The craft of making hammered whole silver pots requires not only skilled craftsmen but also long-term aesthetic upkeep. In addition to the handle and lid, the pot's body is formed by a single silver plate, without welding and filling, and is made by manual hammering.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review