Himalayan Fagopyrum Tataricum High Mountain Black Tartary Buckwheat Tea


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Origin: China
Type: Loose
Packaging: Bag
Description: The two cultivated species of buckwheat, Fagopyrum esculentum (common buckwheat) and F. tataricum (Tartary buckwheat) are Chinese domesticates whose origins are usually thought to lie in upland southwestern China, outside the major centers of agricultural origins associated with rice and millet. Tartary buckwheat is more bitter and contains more rutin than common buckwheat. Tartar Buckwheat only grows on more than 2500m plateau. At present, it is mostly planted in Yunnan, China.
Buckwheat tea is a tea made from roasted buckwheat grains of the plant. Brewed from buckwheat grains, this healthy and delicious Buckwheat Tea or Sobacha will be your new favorite drink! A popular tea in Asia, it is a great way to get the many benefits, along with its antioxidant power. Do you want to add a new and healthy beverage to your diet? If yes, then, you must try Buckwheat Tea and start drinking it regularly. The tea offers immense health benefits and it is absolutely one of our favorite beverages to relax and build up our immune system.
There are incredible health benefits to drinking buckwheat tea. Sure, green tea is rich in antioxidants and is beneficial for overall health. However, if you have been advised to cut down on caffeine intake in your diet, buckwheat tea is the best alternative, offering all the benefits of green tea sans caffeine.  
health benefits include:
* Helps in managing diabetes (reduce the concentration of glucose in the body)
* Helps in the immune system (high in various antioxidants and vitamins)
* Aids in digestion (antioxidant improves digestive function, eliminate bloating and constipation)
* Improves heart health (lower levels of blood pressure and cholesterol count)
* Prevents kidney problems (antioxidants slow the progression of the condition)
* Promotes weight loss (low in calorie, stimulate metabolism, eliminate water weight)
But it is much more than the healthful compounds that we drink buckwheat tea; you can also enjoy its subtlety and the relaxation it brings to mind. The tea is drunk for enjoyment apart from health purposes. The tea has a dry, nutty, earthy taste and a light scent. 
This item is harvested from the area in the northwest of Yunnan Province bordering the Himalayas that has an altitude of 2,500 to 3,000 meters.
Brewing Guide: You could enjoy it cold or warm and it’s perfect for an evening drink just before bed. Use 1 teaspoon Tartary Buckwheat tea for every 6-8 oz boiling water. Brew for 2-5 minutes. Brew the buckwheat tea just like any other tea and enjoy it as is without adding any sweetener or milk.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review