Ice Veins Shi Piao Ru Kiln Celeste Celadon Chinese Teapot 150ml 5.07oz

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Length: 120mm
Width: 90mm
Height: 65mm
Weight: 400g
Capacity: 150ml 5.07oz
Material: Celadon
Origin: China
Description: Ru Kiln is one of the five most famous China produced in history: Ru, Guan, Ge, Ding and Jun. Ru is considered to be the best of the best. It is named after its birthplace the Ru State which is part of today’s He Nan Province. The production of Ru Kiln started from the Tang Dynasty and peaked during the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

Ru Kiln’s characteristics include: simple but tasteful design, agate glaze, silky texture, unique colour and most amazingly, the capacity of colour change under different lights and with time. Its colour changing nature is described as ‘like lights shining through the clouds after a rain’ or ‘misty blue reflected buy the distant hills’ – bright yet never overwhelming.

The clay used in Ru Kiln is extremely fine. There is a fascinating pattern on Ru Kiln ceramic called Kai-Pian. It is believed the Kai-Pian started from a phenomenon called ‘Beng You’, which translated as ‘erupted glaze’ during the kiln drying and thus failure of the products. The ancient craftsman somehow leant to control this disruptive nature and turned it into an art. The classic products now display an incredible 'Cicada's wings pattern' under the perfect smooth top layer. These ‘cracks’ are clear and subtle when newly produced, but acquire light tea stain colour after long term use. These then darker ‘Cicada's wings patterns’ give the teapots and cups an unique antique appearance, which is much admired by tea drinkers the Ru Kiln lovers. Ru Kiln is known to be “like jade, but not jade and better than jade”.

Ice veins are different from one to another, you will not get exactly the same veins as advertised.