India Sandalwood Incense Sticks 10g

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MULTI PURPOSE: Incense are used for a variety of reasons, including therapy, meditation, events, aromatherapy, in spas, yoga studios, reiki or simply everyday use at your home. To use, you simply light the tip of the incense stick, extinguish the small flame by blowing on it or fanning it and then place in an appropriate incense holder. Your space will soon be filled with a pleasing, potent scent of the mountains.

NOTICEABLE BENEFITS: Burning incense regularly may have the ability to provide benefits such as relaxation, possible stress and anxiety reduction, a sense of spirituality, mindfulness, creativity stimulation, a possible increase in focus and, according to some users, an improvement in overall sleep quality.

Type A: Century Sandalwood

Type B: India Sandalwood



(No reviews yet) Write a Review