Lei Kou Chai Pi Ding Xiang Thunder Rare Wild Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea


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Phoenix oolong tea derives its namesake from Phoenix Mountain in Guangdong Province, China. The environment in this area, which is often covered in a thick shroud of mist, provides excellent growing conditions for tea, constantly nourishing, hydrating, and protecting the vegetation. In conjunction with frequent rainfall, plentiful sunlight, and high humidity, the tea leaves grow to be large, vibrant, and luscious, with high concentrations in healthy phytochemicals.

Lei Kou Chai is a rare type of Feng Huang Dan Cong oolong tea. It belongs to Zhi Lan Xiang family, by the character of flavor. It is also named Pi Ding Xiang by the chaozhou local people, because of the sharp and strong fragrance of this tea.

The Lei Kou Chai cultivar was bred and kept by the ancestors of the Wudong farmer Wen Xi Peng. But around eighty years ago, the mother tree of Lei Kou Chai was hit by thunder, and the mother tree was seriously damaged, which died later. Fortunately, Wen Xi Peng’s grandfather took one branch from the mother tree before it completely died and graft bred the tea tree. So now what we saw the mother tree of Lei Kou Chai Feng Huang Dan Cong is the one graft bred around eighty years ago. It grows in the Da Shan Jiao, Li Zai Ping of Wudong Mountain. The altitude is 1100 meters.

Lei Kou Chai Oolong steeps to a bright golden yellow with the initial steep. The aroma is a mix of fruity and floral. The floral sweetness is mostly at the end of each sip, and it mixes well with the fruity flavor to remind you of lychee. It has a strong lingering flower fragrance like orchid, the taste is full-bodied brisk, mellow clear, and produces a long pleasant aftertaste. It is perfect for both the connoisseur or someone looking for an entry point into the world of oolong tea and can be enjoyed in a traditional gaiwan or western teapot.

Brewing Guide: Brew it in a gaiwan or in a Yixing teapot. Preheat vessel and cups with near boiling water (85-95°C or 185-200°F). Fill 1/3 to 1/2 of the volume with tea and add water and push off the bubbles with the lid as you cover and pour out this wash. Add more water, cover and infuse for 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on taste. Pour tea into preheated cups and serve. Infusion can be repeated four or more times, increasing the infusion time as necessary.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review