Mengku Wild Assamica Big Snow Mountain Yunnan Black Tea


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Assamica leaf sizes can be as large as 20 centimeters and tend to be tougher than the sinensis varietal. Our single-origin Wild Assamica tea is sourced from Mengku, Yunnan. Mengku is a tea production area in Yunnan province. The leaves from this region truly are remarkable, and much of this has to do with the unique terroir of the area, especially that of Da Xue Shan or “Big Snowy Mountain”. Da Xue Shan stands nearly 3300m high, and although its name might suggest that it features a peak of perpetual snow, the truth is that the weather here is about as ideal as it can be for the flourishing of tea bushes. There is snow on the summit of Da Xue Shan occasionally, but for the most part, it is relatively rare.

Rich in color and aroma, this distinctive, full-bodied tea is harvested with immense care and processed by hand using traditional methods. This ensures the leaves remain whole and maximum flavor is extracted. This unique wild black tea is harvested from ancient trees located in the primeval forests deep within the mountain range. Instead of processing using the modern black tea methodology, the ancient method of sun-drying was adopted. Creating a black tea that exhibits a gently sweet aroma along with a fresh and full-bodied taste. The amino acids and the polyphenols are retained with the help of the ancient sun-drying methodology.

Our Wild Mengku Dian Hong offers a predominantly chocolaty, malty liquor with a velvety mouthfeel, exhibiting a great balance between sweetness, acidity and delicate astringency. a wild charm is emitted, moistening the palette with a sweet molasses taste that lasts in the throat, providing a sweet aftertaste.

Brewing Guide: Use a round tablespoon or about 3-4 grams for 8-12 ounces of water at a temperature right up to boiling. Boiling water will bring the leaves flavors out quickly. To heighten first steep flavors, rinse the leaves briefly with boiling water, pour off, let the leaves steam for a few minutes and re-infuse. We suggest a steep of 3 minutes to experience the variety of flavors offered. Longer steeps of 3 + minutes will give more body to the cup. Leaves will steep multiple times.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review