Old Bush Bai Mu Dan White Peony White Tea


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The old bush white tea is produced in Fujian, and made by the tea material from old tea trees. The average tree age is over 60 years. This is a white tea produced from old tea trees grown at a natural farming garden located on a high mountain. The old bush tea trees are full of vitality. Every branch is showing the result of natural selection - only the fittest stays. The tea tree growing in weathered rocks absorbs rich soil minerals, and the roots reach deep fighting for survival space with the rock pores.

Because of the high altitude, sustainability and ancient tea tree, the tea of that garden grows very slowly. It grows naturally without any stimulants or pollutants and has rich quality content. When other gardens were ready for plucking in April, the tea trees in this garden only had very tiny sprouts. The first flush of spring tea from this garden was only ready in May. As tea trees take a long time to grow, tea is very rich in polyphenols and minerals. Ancient Tree White gives a very complex, thick and long-lasting taste thanks to the rich content of tea constituents.

They come from the top two leaves and buds of the tea bush, which can be shade-dried and/or lightly fired. This gives White Peony a pale cup color and a delicate, nutty aroma. The processing of white tea is simple and unrefined and because of this the original leaf quality noticeably reflects on the finished tea quality.

The leaves of Bai Mu Dan are whole leaves ranging from dark brown to grays to white, with ample amount of velvety silver tips in between. The dry leaves have an intense and pleasant nutty scent, reminiscent of an autumn forest: this warm hue can also be found in the taste of the liquor, together with sweet notes of ripe peaches, chamomile and honey, and the typical freshness of the buds, mellow and long-lasting.

This tea produces a pale cup color and a delicate, nutty aroma. The complex flavor is toasty, slightly sweet and creamy, with a clean aftertaste. It has a slightly stronger and more pronounced flavor when compared to other Bai Mu Dan. Every sip of the old bush Bai Mu Dan features delicately sweet and floral notes that linger long after you’ve finished your cup. It’s perfect for enjoying throughout the day.

Brewing Guide: We suggest brewing at 80°C for around 3 minutes according to your taste. Bai Mu Dan should be brewed multiple times depending on your taste preferences. As with all white teas, you can experiment with brewing times. Try either brewing this at a lower temperature (70°C) for 4-5 minutes or alternatively at 90°C for 60-90 seconds. Different brewing parameters produce quite different results so experimenting with the water temperature and steeping time is the best way of finding the brewing method that works best for you.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review