Organic Dried Bai Zhu White Atractylodes Macrocephala Root Slices


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Type: Herb
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: This herb is the rhizome of Atractylodes macrocephala Koidz. of the family Compositae. It is grown mainly in the Zhejiang province of China but it also cultivated in the provinces of Hubei, Hunan, Fujian, Anhui, and Jiangxi. The rhizome is collected in the winter, sliced, dried in the sun, and used unprocessed or stir baked with wheat bran, which gives it a brown color.
Traditionally, white atractylodes is an excellent tonic and diuretic, fetus-calming (tranquilizing), and a stomach remedy, and is used mainly to invigorate the functions of the stomach and spleen. It is included in several valuable traditional recipes for elixir of longevity and elixir of felicity.
From the TCM's perspective, it is bitter, sweet, and warm in nature and goes to meridians of spleen and stomach. Main functions are to invigorate Qi and strengthen the spleen, eliminate dampness and promote diuresis, stop sweat, and prevent miscarriage. Main clinical usage and indications are lack of appetite due to spleen deficiency, abdominal distension and diarrhea, dizziness and palpitation caused by phlegm and retained fluid, edema, spontaneous sweating.   
• Protects liver
• Improves gall secretion
• Prevents ulcer of stomach
• Improves movements of intestines and bowels
• Diuretics
• Improves immune system
• Affects heart and blood vessels
• Lowers blood sugar
• Anti coagulation of blood
• Anti bacteria 
Now modern researches show that it can adjust gastrointestinal motility, fight ulcer, protect liver, improve immune system, relieve stress, enhance hematopoietic function, induce diuresis, fight oxidation, slow down aging and regulate blood sugar level. Compared with the traditional applications, above-mentioned findings is perfectly in line with them, which to some extent gives more scientific proof to this amazing herb.  
How to use: Bai Zhu is used in the daily dosage of 6 to 12 g. In most cases, bulk herbs are cooked in boiling water to make tea or soup for consumption.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review