Organic Mushroom Cordyceps Militaris Powder Powdered Fungus Chong Cao Hua


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Cordyceps Militaris, a parasitic fungus, is a valuable source of many phytonutrients and is thought to provide an array of therapeutic benefits and support good health. Cordyceps is a botanical genus that is comprised of hundreds of species, all of which are parasitic. Cordceps Militaris also known as cultivated cordyceps or cordyceps flower; is an edible fruiting body which cultivated from fungus species cordyceps Sinensis.

Certain species of cordyceps have been used in traditional medicine systems for thousands of years, particularly in Tibet, China and Japan. The term cordyceps is now used to refer to any number of species taken as a dietary supplement. Traditionally, cordyceps was used as an aphrodisiac, energy enhancer and to treat respiratory ailments. Today, the supplement is in demand throughout Asia, Europe, South America and North America for its purported health benefits.
Cordyceps is neutral in property, rich in protein, various type of amino acids. Cordyceps is used to support the immune system, act as an anti-viral agent, help control blood sugar and protect liver and kidney health. Support healthy lungs and kidney, Support healthy body immunity. Because of its long history in traditional medicine, Cordyceps militaris is often used by natural health practitioners.
Brewing Guide:
* Tea: 5-8g of cordyceps powder, add in 200ml boiling water. Ready to drink after 5 minutes. 
* Boil soup: Suitable to added in any kinds of soup. Each time serving 10-15g. Recommended Recipe: Cordyceps Astragalus Chicken Spoup Boil ingredients: Codonopsis, Astragalus, and Cordyceps Flower first, the add in meat, simmer under low heat for 1-2 hours. Season and serve.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review