Premium Organic Golden Sweet Osmanthus Fragrans Flower Tea


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The Osmanthus flower is one of the most exquisite flowers used for making pure tea or scenting real teas. Osmanthus or osmanthus fragrans is a small tree mostly grown in China and Japan. It belongs to the same botanical family as olives. The other name of this tree is sweet olive or sweet osmanthus. Indeed, the flavor of these small little blossoms is incredibly sweet. Osmanthus blossoms are harvested in late summer, dried and used for making Chinese flower tea, scenting real teas or making jams, liqueurs, cakes and other food.

Osmanthus tea benefits include:

Rich in Antioxidants and Nutrients
Osmanthus tea has a pleasing and calming taste and is packed with some rare antioxidants too, which are unique only to the osmanthus flower. The tea contains catechins and flavonoids, which are very healthy for the body.

It relieves the body from fatigue and prevents one from falling asleep. It contains nutrients like cobalt, manganese, selenium, molybdenum, neo-beta-carotene B, trans-alpha-carotene aids in preventing premature deaths and trans-beta-carotene. They are essential for the body and keep our body functioning and in peak condition.

Maintains Skin and Eye Health
Traditional medicine and many modern health and skin care specialists believe that osmanthus tea is very effective in maintaining skin health. It is known to enhance skin tone and replenish skin color and give a glow to our skin. Regularly consuming osmanthus tea is also effective in improving eyesight.

Promotes Weight Loss
Though osmanthus tea does not help burn calories or fat, it reduces your appetite and helps reduce binge eating. Nowadays, binge eating is a very common practice, especially among the youth, and can be called other names like stress-eating. Simply put, we all like to munch on some snacks whenever we are free, and that is a major cause of weight problems. Recent research has found that the aroma of Osmanthus tea decreases appetite-suppressing chemicals in the brain, to prevent you from overeating and binge eating.

Acts as a Detoxifying Agent
Osmanthus tea acts as a natural detox agent and it expels dangerous toxins from the kidneys and liver. Chinese traditional medicines often employ this effect of osmanthus tea. Regularly consuming this tea can help you feel energized and refreshed. Besides, it is often used to purify the blood and treat health issues of the endocrine system, liver, and kidney in the human body.

Lowers Blood Pressure
With its negligible caffeine content, tea helps lower the blood pressure in our bodies.

The flowers are small and beautiful with an intense yellow-golden color. They give a pale yellow liquor with a very rich aroma. It contains a range of notes, from honey to creamy, peachy, a bit spicy and very captivating. This tea is usually blended with oolong tea or green tea to give a boost to the health benefits it already has. Additionally, you might like to consume tea made purely out of osmanthus flower as it has an enticing taste and a lingering aroma.

Our premium quality osmanthus, select very high-quality osmanthus, hand-picked carefully, remove finely broken osmanthus. Osmanthus is grown on premium natural farms without the use of pesticides and other chemicals throughout the production process. No added preservatives, 100% natural.

How to use: 

To make this super easy osmanthus tea, add a teaspoon of dried osmanthus flowers to a teacup. Pour boiling water and cover the cup with a lid. Let it seep for 2-3 minutes. Finally, add 2 teaspoons of honey, mix well and enjoy!

It can be used to make tea as a condiment, added to cakes, desserts, and cakes, and can also be used as a fragrance agent, perfume, soap, sachets, etc.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review