Premium Organic Natural Pure Black Tea Powder 100% Soluble Instant No Filters


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Product Overview

Type: Black
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: Our Instant Black Tea simply mixes in water for a delicious, all-natural and uplifting treat without the unwanted sugar! At 0 calories per servings, unsweetened black tea is a perfect drink with any meal or any occasion. When you brew tea using whole leaf tea in tea bags, you miss out on a bevy of important nutrients contained in the tea leaves themselves. Because Dragon Tea House's Instant Black Tea Powder is a fine powdered and easily dissoluble tea made directly from ground tea leaves, all of the bio-active compounds and important nutrients in the tea leaves actually make it into the final beverage.
THE BEST TASTING PURE BLACK TEA POWDER: Unsweetened black tea is perfect with meals or anytime you want a great tasting, refreshing beverage.
ONLY A SINGLE INGREDIENT: 100% pure black tea made from ground tea leaves. No flavors, preservatives, colors or fillers of any kind added. Not the diluted, off-tasting chemical filled product you're used to buying in the supermarket. This is as pure as it gets!
HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO SUGARY DRINKS: Minimally processed, and free of additives, Dragon Tea House's Instant Black Tea offers a delicious, zero calorie tea beverage that contains over one hundred times more antioxidants as compared to brewed tea.
Brewing Guide: Just add water (no brewing needed), stir till tea dissolves and drink as is or pour over ice for an iced tea beverage. Also makes a great addition in smoothies! For optimal taste, mix 1/8 tsp of powder per 8 oz of hot or cold water. Stir till dissolved and drink as is or pour over ice.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review